Our Story

Our Story

About OL Guide Life 

For more than 120 years, Outdoor Life has brought its readers to the tops of mountains, down uncharted rivers, and deep into the wilderness. Now, it’s your turn to take us with you. Outdoor Life is proud to offer the first-ever performance products designed and tested with the help of the editors. This gear has been conceived and built to give you a comfortable yet cutting-edge basecamp, whether you’re headed to the backcountry or a family-friendly adventure closer to home.

Our team of seasoned outdoor experts and contributors have dedicated their careers to testing, reviewing, and recommending the right gear for every outdoor pursuit. With all that knowledge and an understanding of what kind of gear is missing, we decided it was time to create a line of products to meet our standards and help you enjoy a life outdoors.

A Note from the Editor

Anthony LicataWe’ve named this product line “Guide Life” to pay homage to the time-honored tradition of mentorship among our outdoor community. “Guide Life” means gear you can count on, but it also means making the outdoors welcoming, safe, and comfortable, no matter where you are headed or what your experience level. The products you’ll find in our line will not only help you in your own outdoor activities, but we hope they will encourage you to take the opportunity to pass on your knowledge and act as a guide for new adventurers, young and old, just waiting for a chance to explore the great outdoors.

We know you’ll enjoy these products, and we are honored to bring the Outdoor Life brand to you through the OL Guide Life Base Camp Collection. – Anthony Licata, Editorial Director, Outdoor Life

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